Having Fun with Zentai Costumes

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One of the more popular oddities in fetish wear these days are Zentai costumes. You have probably seen them even if you weren’t sure at the time exactly what they were called. These are body suits made from a Latex material. Spandex is used quite often to create these costumes. They can be any color that spandex comes in and covers the entire body. Some costumes have a hood that is unattached so that it can be removed when needed. Other costumes are all one piece including the hood that completely covers the head. No matter what color or style these costumes are; they can be a lot of fun.

Members of flash mobs often choose to wear Zentai costumes when they stage an event. You may have even seen some of these mobs at the local mall or Grand Central Station in New York City. You never know when one of them will strike and they can be pretty entertaining even though some people are annoyed by them. Whether you are annoyed by these flash mobs or amused by them, it is easy to see that these people are having a great time while wearing their costumes.

Take a good look at anyone wearing one of these Zentai costumes and you will see that they are truly having a blast. This is true whether they are in the middle of a flash mob or just out on a shopping trip. Many people have quite the love affair with these costumes and wear them nearly all the time. The exception would be when they must attend someplace like work. Most offices will not allow their staff to be dressed in these costumes, especially when they have a reputation for being sexually exciting. It might be just as bad as wearing a slave hood or something similar to work. Everyone would know exactly what you are into and that is usually not a great idea. In the end, just put on your costume and have fun. Just be a little cautious with the public aspect of it.


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Zentai Costumes Considerations


When it comes to wearing Zentai costumes out in the general public, you might want to make sure that you aren’t going to be scaring anyone. There are a lot of people out there that fear things like people wearing costumes of this nature where they can be seen because they cover up your face. Now there are some costumes that don’t cover up your face and those might be a good idea if you don’t want to cause issues with some people. However, there are a lot of places out there where people are able to wear these costumes and they don’t cause any fear among the populace.

Another thing that you are going to need to think about when wearing Zentai costumes out in public is what you want to convey with your costume. If you are looking to entertain others, then you will probably want to go with one that is a bit flashy and exciting to look at. On the other hand, if you simply want to enjoy the day anonymously and not have people bothering you all the time, then you should go with something that is bland and controlled in appearance.

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Of course, the most important aspect of indulging in Zentai costumes is to purchase and wear something that you are going to enjoy no matter what other people may or may not think about you. This is something that you are wearing in order to experience something different in your life. If you aren’t comfortable with what you are wearing, then you aren’t going to be enjoying yourself. But if you make sure that you are buying something that you are going to enjoy, then it won’t matter if other people are afraid of what you are wearing or not. These costumes can be a lot of fun as long as you are wearing them in the right way.




Zentai Costumes for Fun and Games


Zentai costumes are growing more popular with each passing day. Many people are jumping on the band wagon to buy and wear these costumes. While a lot of guys do participate in the wearing of these outfits, it isn’t only men that take part in this whole movement. Women are also pretty drawn to them and have no problem in appearing in public in full dress from head to toe. Of course anyone that might be paying attention should be able to tell if it is a male or female because the chest area of women will be emphasized. So it will be clear which is which.


Something that many people are joining in on these days is arranging a time and place where others will be wearing Zentai costumes. These gatherings are a bit like flash mobs except everyone will have on these costumes making them look like a version of Spiderman or some space aliens. Typically, participants in this sort of group activity will be wearing full body costumes. That means that nothing except their eyes will be showing. Their heads are fully covered including their faces. This may be to keep from being recognized by people that might see them or it could just be that they enjoy being totally covered in that way.


For whatever reason, the people that love slipping into their Zentai costumes and heading out for a public display really seem to have a great time. You have to admit that this is a pretty special kind of fetish so it cannot help but create a rather strong bond among the groups of individuals that participate.  Many of these people share shopping trips together as well as the aforementioned group displays. It is possible that they just love seeing the expressions on the faces of watchers when they spot these people dressed in costumes. That can be a rather interesting sight to behold.


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Buying and Wearing Zentai Costumes


There are a lot of Zentai costumes for you to choose from online if you know where to look. Once you do, a number of sites on the Internet will pop up that have all the best designs for these costumes along with all the information you could ever want about wearing them out in public. Now you should be aware that there are going to be some people in the world that aren’t going to be happy with seeing you walking around in something like this, but that is their problem and not yours. You have the right to be happy and these costumes will definitely make you happy.

I have been wearing Zentai costumes for a few months now and I am absolutely amazed at the different designs that are being launched all the time. I always thought that these costumes were something amazing but, when you start seeing all the different choices you have; it becomes mind blowing for most people. The only problem with having that many choices is that you will want to purchase every single one that you see online. I know that it has caused me quite a few issues when I am trying to save my money and buy something exciting at the same time.

I know that you are going to want to jump right in to wearing your Zentai costumes without thinking about it. I was the exact same way when I purchased my first costume. I would highly suggest taking your time in finding something that you feel is calling your name. Taking your time in picking something like this out will greatly increase the amount of pleasure that you can get from wearing them out in public as well as showing the world that you are an adventurous type of guy. Just think of the attention you are going to get. There will definitely be some positive attention along with the negative that will encourage you.

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Getting Attention in Zentai Costumes


It takes a very special type of guy to walk around in public wearing Zentai costumes. At least, I think so. I have found that while wearing my costumes out in public, there are a lot of people that simply don’t understand why anyone would be willing to do such a thing. Most of the time, I am stared at by people, probably because they can’t see my face most of the time. However, there is also a handful that seem to enjoy seeing me walking around with my costume on, especially down at the beach.

I get a certain kind of thrill from wearing my Zentai costumes in front of strangers. I don’t know what it is exactly that makes it so exciting, but the feeling I get when I am dressed up is amazing. I think it might have something to do with the fact that I can be a completely different person in my costume and no one would ever know the truth. Being able to trade in my daily boring life to portray another more interesting life is something that wearing these costumes has brought me and I think a lot of guys would enjoy doing something like that.

I am thankful that there are so many different designs in Zentai costumes available, and more coming out all the time. When I first got involved in wearing these things there were only a handful of them on the market. It appears that they have become quite popular since then and I am very thankful for that. Having so many different styles to choose from has made my life a lot more interesting and brought an amount of pleasure to certain individuals in my community. At least I hope they are getting some kind of pleasure when they see me walking by in my costumes.

Loving My Zentai Costumes


I love wearing my Zentai costumes every chance I get. That’s why it bothers me when I don’t get the chance to go out in them for a while. I seem to be way too busy to go out and enjoy wearing my costume in public, but it hasn’t stopped me from wearing it around the house after work and before I go to bed. I don’t get the attention that I enjoy when I have one on in public, but at least I get to feel relaxed and comfortable after work. I could try wearing my costumes under my clothes when I go to work, but they just don’t feel the same that way.

In order for me to truly enjoy wearing my Zentai costumes, I need to wear the entire thing and that includes the head part of it. I could imagine what everyone at work would think if I walked in with my suit on, ready for work, and wearing the head part of my costume. Hopefully, I will have some free time coming up soon and I can take a couple of days off to go out on the beach or something in my costumes. I do love showing them off, after all.

I would like to be able to find a job where I could wear my Zentai costumes all the time and no one would think it was awkward. I just don’t think that is going to be something I can do; at least not around here. However, it would be great if I could find something like that. Even though that isn’t going to be a possibility, I will still get to wear my costumes on my days off work. Besides, I need to make as much money as I can so that I can buy new costumes when they are launched.


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Discovering Zentai Costumes


Wearing Zentai costumes has become my new found joy in life. I was so amazed at seeing these things for the first time that I had to purchase one as soon as I found them on line just to see if they felt as sexy as they looked. I spent a few days out on the beach not too long ago and saw a guy wearing one of these costumes down the boardwalk. He didn’t worry about anything anyone might have thought about what he was wearing at the time and I found that extremely profound for some reason.

It’s not every day you can go out and see a guy wearing a Zentai costume in public without a care in the world, but that was exactly what he was doing. I just knew that I wanted to live my life that way as well, so I went online to see where I could get one of these awesome costumes. The amazing thing here is that there are a lot more sites selling these costumes than I actually thought there would be. I guess the Internet really does have something for everyone out there if you are willing to look.

Once I started looking for these Zentai costumes, I found that there were so many designs and styles available that I might never find the perfect one for me. I almost got lost in how many items were available but I finally ended up finding something that I felt was going to make me happy. All I had to do was try it on and see how it felt. Amazingly enough, it was one of the best feelings I ever had and I have been wearing my costume almost every day since then. Of course, I still haven’t gotten the courage up to take it out in public just yet, but I feel that day is coming soon.


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Loving my Zentai Costumes


Wearing Zentai costumes has become a new fad that is gaining a lot of attention lately. You wouldn’t think that something like this would be quite as popular as it is, but I can totally see why it would be. I fell in love with the basic designs as soon as I saw them and knew that they were going to be something big. But it wasn’t until I saw the more advanced designs that I knew these costumes were going to be the biggest craze to hit the fashion world in the last century.


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I have worn all kinds of Zentai costumes since they first landed on the scene and I keep finding new ones that I want to buy. It seems like there is a never ending supply of costumes that designers can create and seeing the new ones that are being created has shown me that a lot of people around the world love them as much as I do. It would be really exciting to be able to start up a group of likeminded individuals where we could wear our newest acquisitions once or twice a month in a friendly environment. A party like that could be a lot of fun for everyone involved, I believe.

I hope that the Zentai costume designs keep getting better and better over the coming years. I don’t want these things to fall off to the background only to be worn by guys that can’t get themselves out of the past. Fashions like that have come and gone quite frequently over the years and these costumes need to stay relevant as far as I am concerned. It would be a very sad day if guys started to get tired of the designs and no one wanted to wear them anymore. Although I am sure something else would pop up in its place.


Zentai Costumes and the Bet


I was recently invited to a costume party by a couple of very close friends. I was excited about this party but they told me that they only allowed certain styles of Zentai costumes to be worn. Since I had no idea what these costumes were, and I didn’t want people to think I had no clue about what was going on in the world around me, I declined and told them that I had plans for that weekend. Of course as soon as I was home and near my computer I looked these costumes up to see what all the fuss was.

I found some sites that were selling these Zentai costumes and looked through the designs they were showing. I have to admit that the basic costumes seem a bit creepy to me, but the more elaborate ones were quite enticing. I ended up spending a few hours on those sites and found a couple of them that I really enjoyed viewing. I figured that I could go ahead and purchase one of them and then tell my friends that I had to cancel my plans and would be able to go to their little shindig.

Once the Zentai costumes that I ordered arrived in the mail, and I was able to try them on to make sure they fit properly, I called up my friends and told them that my plans had changed and I could indeed go to their party. They laughed and said I was still invited but I could have just told them that I didn’t know what these costumes were in the first place. Apparently, they figured that I would do exactly what I did and were placing bets on how long it would take me to find a costume and try it on for the first time. That made me a feel a little silly. At least the party was something I will always remember.


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Zentai Costumes and Having Fun


Most of the Zentai costumes that I have seen in real life were simple full body suits in a single color. But after looking around online, I found that there are numerous styles and designs for these costumes and you don’t have to stick with a single color anymore. I was surprised at the variety of options that are available these days and look forward to seeing what else might be coming out in the future. There could be some amazing things being seen in these costumes and I can hardly wait to see them being worn by everyone in town.

I know that there are going to be people that simply won’t get the whole Zentai costumes thing, but that is okay. Not everyone has to understand why someone would want to wear something like this. They just have to understand that there are guys wanting to wear them. In order to truly be happy in life, you have to accept the fact that not everyone is the same. They are all individuals and they all enjoy wearing or doing different things. It brings them pleasure and that isn’t going to affect you all that much.

I personally think that Zentai costumes are one of those things that people should feel comfortable wearing anywhere they like. Granted, there might be a couple of places you shouldn’t be wearing them, but it should be a personal choice. As long as you are enjoying yourself and having fun; it really doesn’t matter what other people might think about it. Just go out there in your costume and make them change their minds about what should be allowed out in public. If you can do that, then thousands of guys would be right out there with you wearing theirs and causing a stir to say the least.


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