Ways to Enjoy Zentai Costumes

Ways to Enjoy Zentai Costumes

There are a few Zentai costumes available on the market that I would love to be able to wear but can’t seem to find a place to take them. If I had somewhere special that I could wear them out in public, then I would probably buy every costume I could find. But living in smaller towns means that people aren’t exactly ready to see things like that. I have thought about moving to a big city so that I could enjoy wearing my costumes more often, but that just isn’t something I am going to be able to do just yet.

I do have a few Zentai costumes that I enjoy wearing around the house and I have worn them on Halloween a few times, but people didn’t know what they were. Most of my friends think that I enjoy dressing up for the fun of it, but they don’t know that I get turned on wearing things like this. If they did know that I get turned on wearing these costumes, they would probably disown me. But what they don’t know doesn’t bother me at all so I will keep my little secret and be happy with my life.

If you live in an area where you can wear your Zentai costumes out in public, then you should take every opportunity to enjoy them. They can be a lot of fun to wear around the house, but they are made to be shown off. People need to see you wearing them so that you can get the attention you deserve and everyone around you can get used to seeing these costumes being worn. If more people are seeing them and getting used to them, then guys like me in smaller towns can finally get the chance to go out in public wearing ours without any hassles. Spandex sex wear and extreme men’s swimwear.

Get On Board with Zentai Costumes

Get On Board with Zentai Costumes

One of the hottest crazes that has hit the world lately is the fabulous Zentai costumes that you can find online. These crazy costumes allow you to be someone you have always wanted to be from any anime series or allow you to completely cover yourself from head to toe so that no one knows who you are. They are sexy and insanely fun to wear and all you have to do is figure out which one is going to work out the best for you. There are even parties where people dress up in these costumes just so they can be around other Zentai fiends.

Having a fetish for Zentai costumes is soon becoming a reality that people are starting to notice after wearing one for a few hours. It really is funny that so many people out there are starting to pick up on how great these items are to wear, and with more and more people becoming aware of them on a daily basis, it will soon be one of the fastest growing fetishes the world has ever seen. Now is the time to get your hands on your own costume and start making friends in the Zentai community. You never know who you might end up meeting out there.


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Zentai Costumes for Entertainment

Zentai Costumes

Zentai Costumes for Entertainment

The other day I was walking down the street and found a whole group of people wearing those Zentai Costumes that have started to become very popular the last few months. Now I don’t know anything about them, really, but they did seem like a lot of fun to wear. The fact that you could wear something like this and no one would even know it was you was pretty enticing as well. But my partner would probably think I was a burglar or something if I came out of the bathroom dressed up like that. Hilarity would ensue after the cops were called for sure, but it would definitely be something to remember.

I was kind of curious about how they breathed while wearing those Zentai Costumes. It seemed a bit uncomfortable to have something covering your body completely from head to toe, but everyone that I spoke with about their costumes said that it was quite easy to breathe once you got used to them. I might not ever purchase one to wear around the house, but if I did, I am sure that it would be something that I would greatly enjoy. Maybe it’s something I can look into one of these days if I start to feel a bit bored with where my life is heading.


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Zentai costumes, cock wear spandex and extreme mens swimwear koalaswim.com

Zentai costumes, sex wear spandex and extreme mens swimwear koalaswim.com

Zentai Costumes and spandex love

Zentai Costumes and spandex love

Wearing Zentai suits is a fetish that many guys are into. Let’s face when you see the complete outline of a hard cock in zentai costumes. That is a huge turn on and many who are into wearing Zentai costumes are into wearing spandex fetish wear, spandex swimwear, micro swimwear, leotards, g-strings, thongs, sheer spandex and so much more. Men and women are into all these spandex treats and there are spandex parties all over the place. The easiest way to see if there is a spandex party in your area is to check online. Many wear zentai costumes to these parties but depending upon the mix of people I like to wear the more extreme things like a spandex fetish cock display which fully exposes my cock and that also has a butt plug keeping me happy until someone pulls it out and puts something else inside of me.

I am bi sexual and when I wear spandex cock wear to these parties I get men and women wanting to suck my cock, sometimes both at the same time. I love being the center of attention and spandex fetish wear lets me do that. Some times I will wear a spandex cock display under one of my zentai costumes and when the party gets hot I will pull off the costumes the expose my very hard cock. It always leads to sex in one form or another!


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Zentai costumes lead to more extreme spandex suits like koalaswim.com penis wear

Zentai costumes lead to more extreme spandex suits like koalaswim.com cock wear

Zentai Costumes for the Masses

Zentai Costumes for the Masses

One of the strangest things I have recently seen is the passion for Zentai costumes across the Internet. I never even knew what these things were until I saw a video online showing a couple of people wearing them, and I had to know more about them. It just seems a bit strange to me that someone would wear something like this, especially out in public. I mean, if you want to wear them around your own home, then more power to you, I have no problems with that, but wearing them out in public just seemed a bit odd to me.

That was until I decided to purchase one and try it on. I thought that I would be better able to understand why so many people were starting to enjoy these items if I actually put one on so that is exactly what I did. I found a site online that sells them and ordered one just for the fun of it. Now, it is the only thing I ever think about when I am not wearing it and the first thing I look for in the morning when I wake up before going to work.

I really wish that my job would allow me to wear my Zentai costumes while I was there just so that I could feel that level of comfort they offer. Sure, it would look funny since I am a dentist   and most of my patients would probably flip out if they saw me in a full body suit that covered everything from head to toe, but it would be highly amazing for me and that is what counts. Maybe I could start a new trend and be a private dentist for the groups of people that wear these costumes on a regular basis?

That probably wouldn’t go over very well since I haven’t seen anyone wearing Zentai costumes in my area, but it would be fun to find an area where there were a lot of people wearing them. I think it would be interesting just to find a few people in my area that wear them as a fetish so that I could have someone to talk to about mine. Unfortunately, I live in an area where displaying anything out of the ordinary will get you lynched or at least ostracized from the community, it just isn’t going to happen that easily.

I have found that there are plenty of forums and groups online that wear Zentai costumes and they welcome anyone that is interested in them. It’s a good thing I have found some of them; too, as I was starting to feel that the only people wearing them were models online and a handful of people on YouTube. Now, I have a group of normal, everyday people that I can talk to about my love for these costumes, and it makes me feel a lot better about myself. I am not a freak that is wearing a full body stocking; instead, I am a normal guy that loves the feel of material covering his body in a way that most other people will never be able to understand.


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Zentai costumes and male transformation suits by koalaswim.com cock wear

Zentai costumes and male transformation suits by koalaswim.com